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Shankill Murals

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These pictures are of murals that can be seen in the unionist Shankill area of west Belfast

Shankill bomb

Belfast Murals Shankill - This mural is a commemoration of the Shankill bomb, where the IRA blew up a fish shop on the Shankill road

Ulster young militants

Belfast Murals Shankill - Ulster Young Militants

Oliver Cromwell

Belfast Murals Shankill - A celebration of Cromwell's men moving into Ireland

Jackie Coulter

Belfast Murals Shankill - UFF (Ulster Freedom Fighters) member Jackie Coulter, killed by UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force)

William Bucky McCullough

Belfast Murals Shankill - Commemoration of UDA member William McCullough


Belfast Murals Shankill - a celebration of release of prisoners from the H-block in 2000


Belfast Murals Shankill - A mural celebrating the UDU, UFF and UDA

Lower Shankill UFF

Belfast Murals Shankill - lower Shankill UFF

Stevie McCreag

Belfast Murals Shankill - a commemoration of Stevie McCreag


Belfast Murals Shankill - a mural depicted the orange order's march on Drumcree church

Queen of England

Belfast Murals Shankill - unionist are loyal to the queen of England

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