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Ardoyne Murals

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These pictures are of murals that can be seen in the nationalist Ardoyne area of north Belfast

Our lady Ardoyne

Belfast murals Ardoyne - this is a tribute to Our Lady - Mary, mother of God

Gaelic games Ardoyne

Belfast murals Ardoyne - This is a tribute to Gaelic games - Ireland's national sports

Easter rising 1916

Belfast murals Ardoyne - a commemoration of the Easter rising in Dublin in 1916

Institutionalised racism - institutionalised bigotry

Belfast murals Ardoyne - comparing the racist police killing of Stephen Lawrence with the bigoted police killing of Robert Hamill

Black taxi drivers commemoration

Belfast murals Ardoyne - a tribute to the black taxi drivers that lost their lives during the troubles

Collusion is not an Illusion

Belfast murals Ardoyne - Ardoyne's claim that loyalist murder squads were armed by the British government

An Gorta Mor

Belfast murals Ardoyne - Illustrating the terrors brought upon the Irish by the British over the centuries

Look at the rafters

Belfast murals Ardoyne - This memorial is particularly set out by the text on the rafters of the house

Robert Emmet

Belfast murals Ardoyne - A tribute to Robert Emmet

The mass rock

Belfast murals Ardoyne - The mass rock - in the days of old the Irish had to perform their religious ceremonies in secret

Ardoyne's dead Volunteers

Belfast murals Ardoyne - a commemoration of the people of Ardoyne killed in the troubles

The  Ardoyne Fleadh

Belfast murals Ardoyne - a picture celebrating the Ardoyne Fleadh - a long running community festival

Gaelic games Ardoyne

Belfast murals Ardoyne - Another decorative to celebrate the Ardoyne Fleadh (pronounced FLAH)

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