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Gransha Taxis Belfast

Gransha Taxis Belfast, as it is today, was established in 1992. Gransha was already a taxi company situated where it is now in west Belfast, but it was nowhere near the business it is today. Back then it was a small shabby little taxi depot that was terribly managed, didn't have a good staff, and didn't have a good customer base. Gransha wasn't a reliable brand name, but it did have a base laid that could potentially be built upon.

In 1992 a hard-working local man, who himself drove a taxi in the North of Belfast, decided to take a risk and buy this taxi depot situated near to where he lived.

Through a lot of hard work, and with help from his family and an excellent groups of employees he built his business and Gransha has made its mark, and become the biggest West Belfast taxi depot, and one of the biggest depots in Belfast.

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Gransha now employs a lot of local people. With it's 4 managers, it's excellent team of desk staff, and many professional taxi drivers, Gransha provides an essential and reliable taxi service to many of Belfast's taxi using community.

But as well as providing an efficient professional service, the people at Gransha have not forgotten their roots.

Gransha is run by local people from working class backgrounds, and provides good jobs to many people from working class backgrounds, and provides an affordable taxi service for good hardworking people.

Gransha still maintains a West Belfast fare structure, even though it provides a quality service, equal to that of any expensive city centre Belfast taxi company.

Gransha Taxis is here to meet your needs! The most valuable piece in Gransha's works is you, it's customers. Gransha Taxis is here to provide for you! If you're late for a meeting and need a Belfast taxi in a hurry, just lift up the phone and ring a Gransha taxi: 90 60 20 92

If you have an important appointment next week, then phone Gransha Taxi Belfast and book a taxi. Our fully computerised system wont forget! You'll have your taxi in plenty of time, and arrive on time for your appointment without any rush at all.

Gransha Taxis provide a 24-hour service, so no matter when you need a taxi, any time, day or night, use our 24-hour service - phone Gransha Taxis on:

90 60 20 92!


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